Bunsen Blouses


Bunsen Blouses was a small, indie fashion project. It was created in efforts to help finance my music and films. I got the inspiration for the name Bunsen Blouses from high school. I attended Newark Science High where, as a science major, I was required to take 2 periods of science, every class. During science lab, we often conducted experiments using Bunsen Burners. I always enjoyed science and conducting, controlled, scientific experiments in lab and this is where I got the inspiration for the name. I just replaced the word burner with blouses and that’s how the name Bunsen Blouses came about.

Our first item was the Suzy Savant Dreams Don’t Bleed Top, which debuted on the streets of Newark, New Jersey and in New York City in the Summer of 2013. This piece made a bold, loud but serious statement.



Bunsen Blouses was in the house to celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of my debut indie album, Whateva Comes To Mind, at Fontana’s in New York City in the Summer of 2013. Pictured is Angela (far right) her sister Stefanie, and Gina. The lovely ladies came all the way from Newark, New Jersey to support me on that special night.



We decided it was time to take it back and went vintage on a time traveling mission back to 1920 Harlem with the launching of Bunsen Blouses’ vintage specialty wing, Bunsen Vintage. Our 2nd item was this 1920’s Flapper Style Hat. This handmade hat debuted in the streets of Philadelphia in the Fall of 2013 in my 2nd SoJa Films indie music video, Ignorance On Fire.


In addition to blouses and accessories, we also tried our hand in the 1 piece jumper lane with our romper. Our 3rd item was the Gold Medal Flower Romper by Hazel Hands. This piece was well received online.



Handmade with a bright, modern, bold pattern, cotton fabric and bright yellow accents, The Gold Medal Flower Romper was like a sunflower when it debuted this Summer (2014) at the 40th Annual Newark Black Film Festival’s Opening Reception held at the beautiful and historical Newark Museum in Downtown Newark, New Jersey.








All of these fashion projects helped me through some very challenging events in my life. They gave me a creative way to express myself, endure and share my dreams and visions with others. These experiences have taught me that fashion can be a great coping outlet during tough times.


Bunsen Blouses closed in September of 2014. I will always cherish the wisdom and corrective lessons that I learned during my journey in fashion. Bunsen Blouses was made out of hope and it was fueled by the passion to prevail through the Love of God. I will always remember the wisdom that Jesus Christ gave me through Bunsen Blouses. It is a reminder of God’s mercy, correction, love and divine protection.

I will keep the lessons that Bunsen Blouses taught me near and dear to my heart and soul.

I am grateful to the Holy Spirit for blessing me to walk away from Bunsen Blouses with the gold.

It is the wisdom that God used Bunsen Blouses to teach me that my heart cherishes and beholds.

-Flo Brown

For he that soweth unto his own flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption;
but he that soweth unto the Spirit shall the Spirit reap eternal life.

Galatians 6:8

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