Flo Brown

I’m a poet, rapper and singer song writer from Newark, New Jersey. I self released my debut, indie album, Whateva Comes to Mind and Whateva Comes to Mind, Limited Edition through Ghetto Abnorm Music in 2003. The album was well received on the hip hop underground. My first indie music video was for a song called, Callin’ Me, which appears on Whateva Comes to Mind and was filmed with the help of a volunteer crew in Philadelphia.

In 2004, I released my first mixtape, Brick City’s Finest under Ghetto Abnorm Music. Following it’s release, I produced my first small promotional tour in support of my mixtape with special performances in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland, and Syracuse, New York where I headlined at Syracuse University and in New York City at BB Kings with Black August.

In 2005, I went on an unexpected 7 year musical hiatus shortly after I wrote and pre recorded most of my second, independent album, then titled, Golden Seal: S.O.S.A. (The Seal of Self Approval). Upon my return in 2012, Ghetto Abnorm Music was dissolved and I formed S.O.S.A. Music. That same year, I slowly began releasing new music online.

In December 2012, I produced and released my first short film, Room to Breathe under S.O.S.A. Films. That same month, I performed my first live band showcase in 7 years at Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem, NY. In January of 2013, I released my 2nd mixtape called the 5 Heartbeat Collection. I’ve since produced and published my second short film, Room to Breathe, Uncut and wrote, performed, produced and directed my first music video for I Have A Dream:S.O.S.A., which appears on the 5 Heartbeat Collection mixtape.

In the Summer of 2013, I created Bunsen Blouses and designed my first item, the Suzy Savant, Dreams Don’t Bleed Top. Bunsen Blouses was created, primarily to raise funding for my independent projects in music and film. In August of 2013, I celebrated the 10 Year Anniversary of my debut indie album, Whateva Comes to Mind with a special, live band showcase at Fontana’s in New York City.

In the fall of 2013, I underwent a spiritual transformation and changed the name of my mission, forth coming album and indie ventures from S.O.S.A. (Seal of Self Approval) to S.O.J.A. (Seal of Jesus, Approved). As a result, S.O.S.A. Music and S.O.S.A. Films became S.O.J.A. Music and S.O.J.A. Films. The name change symbolizes my spiritual growth and evolution from depending on the strength and approval of myself in order to succeed and weather the various storms in my path to depending on my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to fight my battles and provide all of the resources, strength and protection needed in order to pursue my dreams.

The gift of writing is something that God gave me through The Holy Spirit, Who is my close and dear and long Friend, Helper and Comforter here on Earth. Since I was a child, I knew that through writing and performing, God allowed and blessed me to become a vessel of something much greater than myself but it wasn’t until recently, that I learned that the Love and Joy and Breath of my writing is The Holy Spirit. He is the Force of Love that consoled me as I wrote through the spiritual pain of loosing my dad when I was 14 years old.

The gift of writing is a form of charity that God has given me, through The Holy Spirit, to heal, strengthen, teach and console me. I wrote through the pain of losing my dad and forged a lifelong relationship with God, through writing that evolved from reciting poetry into writing and performing rhymes, singing, directing and producing. Even before this, charity was a major part of my life. It made my dream of graduating from college a reality. I have been a hopeful and grateful recipient of charity’s love most of my life.

God has always brought me back to charity, in one way or another, during the toughest times in life and charity has always comforted me and enlightened me by teaching me how to live by revealing the wisdom of her nature to me.

The thing about charity that is so dynamic and wonderful is that through contributing to charity, we step into the realm of the abundance and blessings of giving.

Because in actuality, by giving and advocating for charity’s cause, we give unto our own souls.

1 Peter 4:8
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.


Out of all of the joy and fulfillment that the gifts of charity, writing and performing music have given me, the knowledge, love and friendship that I have grown to know and cherish above all things with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the most important to me.

It all began with the Spirit and Breath of my pencil and pen.

The Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus and it is through Jesus Christ, that The Father, Jehovah, receives us.

God used one of my greatest loves and dreams from childhood to lead me to Him.

-Falona Brown

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