The Documentary

Every Goliath Has A David

This is the 1st Documentary from S.O.J.A. Films. Over the last 3 years since I’ve been journeying back towards my dream and cause in music, I decided to film the major events leading up to the release of my long awaited 2nd album, Golden Seal:S.O.J.A. The documentary kicked off in Harlem, New York at the Shrine World Music Venue. Since then, I’ve been blessed to release my directorial debut music video, I Have A Dream, celebrate the 10th Year Anniversary of my debut album, Whateva Comes to Mind, with a special live band performance at Fontana’s in New York City, produce and direct my 2nd a indie music video in Philadelphia, PA and produce and direct my 3rd music video for S.O.J.A. Films, “For My Father”, which is also the 1st song and  release from my long awaited album, Golden Seal: S.O.J.A.  All of these special events will be featured in the documentary, which will be released in conjunction with Golden Seal: S.O.J.A.

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